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Key Features

Athletic Management Made Easy

LeagueMinder® is a web-based athletic management solution that provides leagues, schools and teams the flexibility and features needed to streamline the coordination and communication of athletic information between schools and their communities.

  • Schedule Management
  • Facilities Usage
  • Coordinate Transportation
  • Coordinate Officials
  • Contracts
  • Roster Management
  • Student Eligibility
  • Statistics
  • Print Awards
  • Game Results
  • Financial Tracking
  • User Management
  • Group Email Features
  • Automated Sharing
  • Manage Email Alerts

Powerful Tool with a Simple Design

LeagueMinder was designed by athletic directors with your needs in mind. Helping organizations run more efficiently so they can spend more of their time and energy inspiring kids to love sports, rather than being buried in paperwork! It’s so easy a non-technical volunteer can do it!


LeagueMinder has gone Mobile. We optimize everything you need in a clean responsive mobile app. Along with strong integration, automated scoring, and customization for team schedules, games, and more - we are the MOST affordable!

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